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The truth is, adequate working enviroment and corporate social responsability is not the norm in Vietnam. Therefore, we are happy to have been able to work with the danish development agency Danida since 2005 developing our own factory in Vietnam to match international labor standards, creating jobs which last and are cherished by the artisans we employ.

What we purchase and also how its made matters. It also matters if you go to Vietnam and create a production with good conditions as Anne has done. Access to clean working enviroments, insurance, health programmes and increased economic opportunity is not the norm in this field of work in Vietnam, but it matters to the employees. 

handmade handmade

Our production in Vietnam is based on hand made techniques. This means each artisan puts time and effort into the materials we use. To some, using hand-made techniques instead of machined ones is ineffcient, but to us it is a more considerate usage of our mutual resources. It's also less harmful to our environment. The clay that we apply in production, which passes through our artisans hands, is taken care of and creates jobs.

you matter you matter

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