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Anne Black´s studio is based in a classical old appartment, on Vesterbro in Copenhagen. She shares the appartment with two other designers and maintain a small workshop there, where she can develop new designs and make one of a kind products, by hand.

studio portrait studio portrait

The studio is Anne´s creative laboratory. In there she can isolate herself and work with the clay and the basic equipment for a ceramicst, such as the wheel to hand throw on and a small kiln. 

"When I graduated in 1997 I remember that my biggest dream was to get my own studio"

Studio 1 Studio 1
anne black studio anne black studio

Anne Black´s studio in Copenhagen was established in 2005 and a that time Anne was allready quite far in establising another, bigger studio for her hand made porcelain, in Vietnam. In her Vietnamese studio, she has maintained production since 2006 and continue today to place most of her production there, while she focus on development of new designs and smaller productions in Copenhagen.

hands hands
hands hands
hands hands
hands hands

"I have spent a long time in Vietnam initially, co-operating and training the eyes and hands of my colleagues there, in order for them to understand both what quality is and how is it achieved. We also had to work on the materials to achieve a good result and what surprised me was both how differently they comprehend an object but at the same time our ablity to share and learn from each other"

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